Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy
To effectively safeguard customer privacy rights and enhance customer experiences, Shanghai Hua'ang Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Hua'ang Dot Connector" hereinafter) has established this Privacy Policy in accordance with existing regulations and policies. This Privacy Policy outlines Hua'ang Dot Connector's policies and measures concerning the collection, management, and protection of customer personal data.

Collection of Personal Data
You are aware of and consent to Hua'ang Dot Connector recording relevant personal data provided by you, such as company details, job titles, names, mobile numbers, email addresses, etc., when you avail services provided by Hua'ang Dot Connector. This information forms the basis for receiving services from Hua'ang Dot Connector.

Management of Personal Data
To deliver improved services or products, Hua'ang Dot Connector will utilize your personal data under the following circumstances:
 1) As stipulated by relevant laws and regulations;
2) With your explicit authorization;
3) In accordance with the terms and conditions of Hua'ang Dot Connector's relevant service agreements.

Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that, within the boundaries permitted by prevailing laws and regulations, Hua'ang Dot Connector may use your non-sensitive personal data for marketing purposes. This may encompass introducing or recommending Hua'ang Dot Connector's services or product information, along with providing other information that Hua'ang Dot Connector deems of interest to you based on your utilization of Hua'ang Dot Connector's services or products.

Protection of Personal Data
Hua'ang Dot Connector will exert all reasonable efforts to safeguard customer personal data. To prevent unauthorized access, duplication, modification, transmission, loss, destruction, processing, or utilization of personal data, Hua'ang Dot Connector has implemented and will continue to enforce the following protective measures:
 1) Appropriate encryption of customer personal data;
2)Additional reasonable measures.

You acknowledge that the personal data protection measures offered by Hua'ang Dot Connector are exclusively applicable to Hua'ang Dot Connector's services. Subsequently, when you access services and content resources via platforms other than Hua'ang Dot Connector, please be aware that Hua'ang Dot Connector lacks the capacity and obligation to protect any personal data you furnish outside the Hua'ang Dot Connector platform.

Amendment of Privacy Protection Policy
Hua'ang Dot Connector retains the right to amend any section of the Privacy Policy at any given time. If modifications to the Privacy Policy occur, Hua'ang Dot Connector will promptly notify you within seven working days using feasible methods such as phone calls or emails. Should you disagree with Hua'ang Dot Connector's modifications to relevant clauses of this Privacy Policy, you have the right to terminate Hua'ang Dot Connector's services without violating any agreement terms. By continuing to use Hua'ang Dot Connector's services, you accept Hua'ang Dot Connector's modifications to relevant clauses of this agreement.

The ultimate authority for interpreting this Privacy Policy rests with Shanghai Hua'ang Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

Please understand that, in order to facilitate the introduction of more conference and product information, we may share your provided personal information, such as your name, company, phone number, job title, and email, with our partner Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent Cloud, privacy policy: https://qdrl.qq.com/vSa9SMxF). Subsequently, Tencent Cloud may contact you via email, SMS, customer service representatives, or voice robots to introduce you to other specific services, products, events, and related matters.

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